Monday, March 10, 2014

Refresher on Streaming Video Collections

Currently, we have access to three collections of streaming videos.  All of the titles in these collections can be found and accessed through the main library catalog.  If you go to the catalog and then the "advanced search," you can limit your search to the streaming videos by selecting "streaming" as the material type.

Or, if you prefer, you can access them directly through the library page listing our databases.

Static URLs are provided for all videos and clips for easy linking to content (from a Moodle page, for example).

Films on Demand
These films come from the Films Media Group (Films for the Humanities & Sciences).  We have a subscription to the Master Academic collection, giving us access to over 6,400 full-length video programs and 74,000 video segments. Collections cover the humanities & social sciences, business & economics, science & mathematics, and health & medicine. Producers of films include: Films for the Humanities & Sciences, NBC, CNBC, ABC, PBS, BBC, National Geographic, and many more.

VAST: Academic Video
VAST is a large, multidisciplinary streaming video resource which currently includes around 20,000 films. VAST includes award-winning films from dozens of notable producers and distributors, including BBC, PBS, Arthaus, CBS, Kino International, Documentary Educational Resources, California Newsreel, Opus Arte, Cinema Guild, Pennebaker Hegedus Films,, Microtraining Associates, Filmakers Library, Zeitgeist, First Run Features, and many more.
VAST covers the following areas and more: art, architecture, business, counseling and therapy, dance, economics, education, ethnic studies, ethnography, gay and lesbian studies, health, history, humanities, law and public safety, literature, opera, philosophy, political science, rehabilitation and sports medicine, feature films (including contemporary world cinema and silent films), psychology, religion, science, theatre, musical performance, and women's studies. Titles in VAST include documentaries, interviews, performances, news programs and news reels, field recordings, commercials, archival films, and raw footage.

NC Live Video Collection
Includes more than 250 high quality documentary and educational video programs produced for the Public Broadcasting Corporation. The collection includes programming covering the sciences, US and world history, biography, current events, the arts, and more. In addition, several educational series for children are included. Includes series such as: American Experience, American Masters, Cyberchase, Frontline, Ken Burns, Liberty's Kids, NOVA, Masterpiece Theatre, and Scientific American Frontiers.

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