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New Titles Added in January

The big news this month is the addition of a large ebook collection.  We have acquired the entire 2012 catalog from Springer, consisting of nearly 5,000 titles, covering a wide range of disciplines, such as mathematics, physics, life sciences, chemistry, environmental science, and many of the social sciences.  These books can be viewed and downloaded to a variety of devices, without restriction (the Springer model provides unlimited downloads by chapter).  If you have any questions about using the ebooks, let us know.


We are in the process of loading these records into the library catalog (should be done within a week).  In the meantime, you can use the direct link below to search the collection at the Springer site.



Springer 2012 eBook Collection

Peterson, Mark A. Harvard University Press. 2011.
Galileo's muse: Renaissance Mathematics and the Arts                                                           
Lindert, Peter H. Cambridge University Press. 2004.
Growing public: Social Spending and Economic Growth Since the Eighteenth Century (v. 2)


Ugresic, Dubravka.
Thank you for not reading : essays on literary trivia / Dubravka Ugresic ; translated from the Croatian by Celia Hawkesworth with the assistance of Damion Searles.
070.5 U27t.


Greene, Robert.  Mastery.
158 G811m.

Lemov, Doug, 1967-Practice perfect : 42 rules for getting better at getting
better / Doug Lemov, Erica Woolway, Katie Yezzi ; foreword by Dan Heath.
158.1 L558p.

Nature in Asian traditions of thought : essays in environmental philosophy /
edited by J. Baird Callicott and Roger T. Ames.
179.1 N285.

Nordgren, Anders. For our children : the ethics of animal experimentation in the
age of genetic engineering / Anders Nordgren.
179.4 N832f.


Higgins, Gregory C., 1960-. Wrestling with the questions : an introduction to
contemporary theologies / Gregory C. Higgins.
230.046 H636w.

Miller, Ed. L. (Ed. LeRoy), 1937-. Fortress introduction to contemporary
theologies / Ed. L. Miller and Stanley J. Grenz.
230.0904 M647f.

Shaw, Sarah, Dr. Introduction to Buddhist meditation / Sarah Shaw with a chapter
on Tibet by Georgios Halkias.
294.34435 S536i.

The numerical discourses of the Buddha : a complete translation of the Anguttara
Nikaya teachings of the Buddha / Bhikkhu Bodhi.
294.391 T595b.

Social Sciences

Globalisation and migration : new issues, new politics / edited by Ronaldo
304.8 G562.

Solnick, Steven Lee.  Growing pains : youth policies and institutional collapse in
the former Soviet Union / by Steven Lee Solnick.
305.2350947 S688g.

Colt, George Howe. Brothers : George Howe Colt on his brothers and brothers in
history / George Howe Colt.
306.8752 C724b.

Civilizing the margins : Southeast Asian government policies for the development
of minorities / edited by Christopher R. Duncan.
323.159 C582.

Acemoglu, Daron.Why nations fail : the origins of power, prosperity and poverty
/ Daron Acemoglu and James A. Robinson.
330.9 A173w.

Hacker, Jacob S. Winner-take-all politics : how Washington made the rich richer-
and turned its back on the middle class / Jacob S. Hacker and Paul Pierson.
330.973 H1184L.

Brown, Lester Russell, 1934-. Plan B : rescuing a planet under stress and a
civilization in trouble / Lester R. Brown.
333.7 B878p.

Scott, James C. Two cheers for anarchism : six easy pieces on autonomy, dignity,
and meaningful work and play / James C. Scott.
335.83 S427t.

The globalization reader / edited by Frank J. Lechner and John Boli.
337 G562L.

Memories from Dante : the life of a coal town / edited by Katharine C. Shearer.
338.272409755 M533.

Shifting baselines : the past and the future of ocean fisheries / edited by
Jeremy B.C. Jackson, Karen E. Alexander, and Enric Sala.
338.3727 S555.

Critical issues in ecotourism : understanding a complex tourism phenomenon /
James Higham (Ed).
338.4791 C934.

Hughes, Sally Smith. Genentech : the beginnings of biotech / Sally Smith Hughes.
338.76606 H894g.

Biological threats and terrorism : assessing the science and response
capabilities : workshop summary / Stacey L. Knobler, Adel A.F. Mahmoud, and
Leslie A. Pray, editors.
363.32  B615.

Yang, Jisheng, 1940-. Mu bei. English. Tombstone : the great Chinese famine, 1958-
1962 / Yang Jisheng ; translated from the Chinese by Stacy Mosher and Guo Jian ;
edited by Edward Friedman, Guo Jian, and Stacy Mosher ; introduction by Edward
Friedman and Roderick MacFarquhar.
363.80951 J61t.

Myers, William David. Death and a maiden : infanticide and the tragical history
of Grethe Schmidt / William David Myers.
364.1523 S351d.

Randolph, Antonia. The wrong kind of different : challenging the meaning of
diversity in American classrooms / Antonia Randolph.
370.117 R192w.

Cain, James Hallie. A teachable moment : a facilitator's guide to activities for
processing, debriefing, reviewing and reflection / Jim Cain, Michelle Cummings,
Jennifer Stanchfield.
370.1523 C135t.

Patel, Lisa (Leigh). Youth held at the border : immigration, education, and the
politics of inclusion / Lisa (Leigh) Patel ; Foreword by Michelle Fine.
371.826912 P295y.

Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Taylor, John R. (John Robert), 1939-. An introduction to error analysis : the
study of uncertainties in physical measurements / John R. Taylor.
511.43 T243i.

Helliwell, T. M. (Thomas M.), 1936-. Special relativity / T.M. Helliwell.
530.11 H477s.

Townsend, John S. A modern approach to quantum mechanics / John S. Townsend.
530.12 T748m.

Gotelli, Nicholas J., 1959-. A primer of ecological statistics / Nicholas J.
Gotelli, University of Vermont, Aaron M. Ellison, Harvard University.
577.072 G683p.

Trophic cascades : predators, prey, and the changing dynamics of nature / edited
by John Terborgh and James A. Estes.
577.16 T856.

Stuart, David C. Dangerous garden : the quest for plants to change our lives /
David Stuart.
581.659 S929d.

Technology and Applied Sciences

Macinnis, Peter. Poisons : from Hemlock to botox and the killer bean Calabar /
Peter Macinnis.
615.9 M152p.

Sacks, Oliver W. Hallucinations / Oliver Sacks.
616.89 S121h.

Hamilton, David, 1939-. A history of organ transplantation : ancient legends to
modern practice / David Hamilton ; with a foreword by Clyde F. Barker and Thomas
E. Starzl.
617.954 H217h.

Tallamy, Douglas W. Bringing nature home : how you can sustain wildlife with
native plants / Douglas W. Tallamy ; foreword by Rick Darke.
639.9 T147b.

Lukacs, Paul (Paul B.). Inventing wine : a new history of one of the world's
most ancient pleasures / Paul Lukacs.
663.2 L954i.

The Arts

Schjeldahl, Peter. The hydrogen jukebox : selected writings of Peter Schjeldahl,
1978-1990 / edited by MaLin Wilson ; introduction by Robert Storr.
709.04 S337w.

Ensminger, David A. Visual vitriol : the street art and subcultures of the punk
and hardcore generation / David A. Ensminger.
751.73 E59v.

Light years : conceptual art and the photograph, 1964-1977 / [edited by Matthew
S. Witkovsky ; with essays by Mark Godfrey ... [et al.].
779.09 L723.

Carlebach, Michael L. Working stiffs : occupational portraits in the age of
tintypes / Michael L. Carlebach.
779.2 C278w.

Waldman, Robert. The robber bridegroom : based on the novella by Eudora Welty /
book and lyrics by Alfred Uhry ; music by Robert Waldman.
782.8154 U31r.

Literature and Rhetoric

Another & another : an anthology from The Grind Daily Writing Series / edited by
Matthew Olzmann & Ross White.
808.81 A615.

Boruch, Marianne, 1950-. The book of hours / Marianne Boruch.
811.54 B739b.

Boruch, Marianne, 1950-. The glimpse traveler / Marianne Boruch.
811.54 B739gl.

Walpert, Bryan. A history of glass : poems / Bryan Walpert.
811.54 W218h.

Voisine, Connie. Rare high meadow of which I might dream / Connie Voisine.
811.6 V897r.

The Cambridge history of the American novel / general editor, Leonard Cassuto ;
associate editors, Clare Virginia Eby and Benjamin Reiss.
813.009 C178.

Representative American speeches.
815.08 R425 2011-2012.

Kottman, Paul A., 1970-. Tragic conditions in Shakespeare : disinheriting the
Globe / Paul A. Kottman.
822.33 S K87t.

Dellamora, Richard. Radclyffe Hall : a life in the writing / Richard Dellamora.
823.912 H178Yd.

A companion to the works of J.M. Coetzee / edited by Tim Mehigan.
823.914 C673Yme.

Robbins, Ruth, 1965-. Oscar Wilde / Ruth Robbins.
828.8 W672Yro.

Collaborative Dubliners : Joyce in dialogue / edited by Vicki Mahaffey.
828.912 J89dYm.

Ugresic, Dubravka. Short stories. English. Selections. Lend me your
character / by Dubravka Ugresic ; translation by Celia Hawkesworth and Michael
Henry Heim ; revised by Damion Searls.
891.83354 U271.

Geography and History

Toll, Ian W. Pacific crucible : war at sea in the Pacific, 1941-1942 / Ian W.
940.5426 T651p.

Murray, Douglas, 1979-. Bloody Sunday : truths, lies and the Saville inquiry /
Douglas Murray.
941.621 M981b.

Bucholz, R. O., 1958-. London : a social and cultural history, 1550-1750 / Robert
O. Bucholz, Joseph P. Ward.
942.1 B921L.

Wrightson, Keith. Ralph Tailor's summer : a scrivener, his city, and the plague /
Keith Wrightson.
942.8 T133w.

Crozier, Brian. The rise and fall of the Soviet Empire / Brian Crozier.
947.084 C954r.

Barfield, Thomas J. (Thomas Jefferson), 1950-. Afghanistan : a cultural and
political history / Thomas Barfield.
958.1 B249a.

Phillips, Kevin, 1940-. 1775 : a good year for revolution / Kevin Phillips.
973.3 P561s.


Adichie, Chimamanda Ngozi, 1977-. The thing around your neck / Chimamanda Ngozi
F A235t.

Akpan, Uwem. Say you're one of them / Uwem Akpan.
F A3156s.

The art of the story : an international anthology of contemporary short stories
/ edited by Daniel Halpern.
F A784.

Erdrich, Louise. The round house / Louise Erdrich.
F E666r.

Gilb, Dagoberto, 1950-. Woodcuts of women / Dagoberto Gilb.
F G463w.

Laken, Valerie. Separate kingdoms : stories / Valerie Laken.
F L192s.

Munro, Alice. Short stories. Selections. Selected stories / Alice Munro.
F M968s.

Ohlin, Alix. Signs and wonders : stories / by Alix Ohlin.
F O37s.

Schulman, David, 1948-. The past is never dead / by David Schulman.
F S386p.

Leisure Reading

Cooper, J. California.
The Future Has A Past.

Holland, Travis.
The Archivist's Story.

Rendell, Ruth.
The Crocodile Bird.

Russell, Mary Doria.
Children of God.

Russell, Mary Doria.
A Thread of Grace.

Spinrad, Norman.
The Druid King.


Marclay, Christian. Cyanotypes / [by Christian Marclay ; edited by David Louis
Norr ; foreword by Margaret A. Miller ; text by Noam M. Elcott].
Oversize 700.105 M319c.

A land transformed : the Arabian Peninsula, Saudi Arabia, and Saudi Aramco /
edited by Arthur P. Clark, Muhammad A. Tahlawi ; authors, William Facey, Paul
Lunde, Micheal McKinnon, Thomas A. Pledge ; contributing editors, Thomas A.
Pledge, Helen El Mallakh, James P. Mandaville, Kay Hardy Campbell.
Oversize 953.8 L253.


The World almanac and book of facts.
R 317.3 W927 2013.

Peterson's graduate & professional programs.
R 378.155 P485 2013.

Student financial aid for North Carolinians.
R 378.309756 S933 2012.

Short story index.
R 808.83 S559 2012.

Foreign Language

Núñez Cabeza de Vaca, Alvar.
Spanish 970.016 N972n.


Black is-- black ain't [videorecording] : a personal journey through black
identity / Independent Television Service ; Signifyin' Works ; produced and
directed by Marlon T. Riggs.
A/V DVD 305.800973 B627.

W.E.B. Du Bois [videorecording] : a biography in four voices / a documentary by
Louis Massiah ; produced in association with Scribe Video Center.
A/V DVD 305.896073 D816.

Ethnic notions [videorecording] / produced by Marlon Riggs in association with
KQED ; produced, written & directed by Marlon T. Riggs.
A/V DVD 305.896073 E84.

Tongues untied [videorecording] / producer, director, Marlon T. Riggs.
A/V DVD 306.76608996073 T665.

The rise and fall of Jim Crow [videorecording] / series producer, Richard
Wormser ; executive producers, Bill Jersey, William R. Grant ; a co-production
of Quest Productions, VideoLine Productions and Thirteen/WNET New York.
A/V DVD 323.1196073 R595.

Slacker uprising [videorecording] (DVD) / Brave New Films presents a Dog Eat Dog
Film ; written and directed by Michael Moore.
A/V DVD 324.973 S631.

The Burning Man festival [videorecording] / Ow Myeye Productions ; produced and
directed by Joe Winston.
A/V DVD 394.2609793 B966.

The pain of depression [videorecording (DVD)] : a journey through the darkness /
producer, Mary Guardino ; director, Ali DeGerome.
A/V DVD 616.8527 P144.

White scripts and Black supermen [videorecording] : Black masculinities in comic
books / Grace Films ; produced, written, and directed by Jonathan Gayles.
A/V DVD 741.508996073 W588.

Dancing with the Incas [videorecording] : Huayno music of Peru / camera,
directed and produced by John Cohen.
A/V DVD 780.985 D173.

Mountain music of Peru [videorecording] : a film / by John Cohen ; written,
produced and directed by John Cohen.
A/V DVD 780.985 M928.

Strange fruit [videorecording] / Oniera Films in association with The
Independent Television Service; produced, directed & edited by Joel Katz.
A/V DVD 781.592 S897.

Black theatre [videorecording] : the making of a movement / a film from
California Newsreel ; a project of the National Black Touring Circuit Inc. ;
written, produced & directed by Woodie King, Jr.
A/V DVD 792.08996073 B627.

Hughes' dream Harlem [videorecording (DVD)] / A New Heritage Films and D. Hutson L.L.C. production ; directed and produced by Jamal Joseph ; produced by Darralynn Hutson ; written by Darralynn Hutson, Jad Joseph, Jamal Joseph.
A/V DVD 811.52 H893d.

The Reduced Shakespeare Company : the complete works of William Shakespeare
(abridged) [videorecording] / writers, Adam Long, Daniel Singer and Jess
Winfield ; produced and directed by Paul Kafno ; PTV Productions West, HD Thames
Ltd., Complete Television Company.
A/V DVD 822.33 H R321c.

Frantz Fanon [videorecording] : black skin, white mask / a Normal Films
Production for BBC and the Arts Council of England in association with
Illuminations ; a film from California Newsreel ; written by Isaac Julien & Mark
Nash ; producer, Mark Nash ; director, Isaac Julien.
A/V DVD 965.046 F214.

Our spirits don't speak English [videorecording] : Indian boarding school / Rich
-Heape Films presents ; direction, Chip Richie ; producers, Chip Richie, Steven
R. Heape ; screen writer, Dan Agent.
A/V DVD 973.0497 O93.

Dead man [videorecording] / a 12-Gauge production ; producer: Demetra J.
MacBride ; written and directed by Jim Jarmusch.
A/V DVD F D2785.

Johnny Guitar [videorecording] / a Republic Pictures ; Herbert J. Yates presents
;  screen play by Philip Yordan ; directed by Nicholas Ray.
A/V DVD F J65.

Forbes Family (Musical group). Classics [sound recording] / Forbes Family.
Circ. Desk AUDIO CD F692c.

Harris, R. C. Comin' back to bluegrass [sound recording] / R.C. Harris.
Circ. Desk AUDIO CD H315c.

Harris, Mickey. Find my way [sound recording] / Mickey Harris.
Circ. Desk AUDIO CD H315f.

King Wilkie (Musical group). True songs [sound recording] / King Wilkie.
Circ. Desk AUDIO CD K54t.

Lanham, Marty. Name our daughter Tennessee [sound recording] / Marty Lanham and the Dixie Cafe Band.
Circ. Desk AUDIO CD L287n.

Lawrence, Jack, guitarist. About time [sound recording] / Jack Lawrence.
Circ. Desk AUDIO CD L421a.

Leath, Nate, 1984-. I've always been a rambler [sound recording] / Nate Leath.
Circ. Desk AUDIO CD L438i.

Osborne, Bobby. New bluegrass & old heartaches [sound recording] / Bobby Osborne
& The Rocky Top X-Press.
Circ. Desk AUDIO CD O812n.

Otsuka, Akira,  Performer. First tear [sound recording] / Akira Otsuka.
Circ. Desk AUDIO CD O88f.

Ozaki Brothers (Musical group). Till we meet again [sound recording] / the Ozaki
Circ. Desk AUDIO CD O99t.

Raybon, Marty. Southern roots & branches (yesterday & today) [sound recording] /
Marty Raybon.
Circ. Desk AUDIO CD R265s.

ShoeFly (Musical group). Six-fifty [sound recording] / ShoeFly.
Circ. Desk AUDIO CD S364s.

Tompkins, Alan. No part of nothin' [sound recording] / Alan Tompkins.
Circ. Desk AUDIO CD T662n.

Williams, Johnny, performer. Freeman & Williams [sound recording] / Johnny
Williams, Jeanette Williams, Scott Freeman.
Circ. Desk AUDIO CD W7244f.


Wilson, Ian Randall. Fugitive references : a collection of poems / by Ian Randall
Spec. Coll. M.F.A.

Allen, Nancy J. Camouflage : a collection of short stories / Nancy J. Allen.
Spec. Coll. M.F.A.

Avila, Mariano. Border stories : a collection of short stories / by Mariano
Spec. Coll. M.F.A.

Baku, Carla. I'll meet you there : selections from a novel / by Carla Baku.
Spec. Coll. M.F.A.

Cozell, Justine. The woman who loves you / by Justine Cozell.
Spec. Coll. M.F.A.

Davis, Harry. Disappear : a collection of short stories / by Harry Davis.
Spec. Coll. M.F.A.

Grady, Brendan. Confidence man / Brendan Grady.
Spec. Coll. M.F.A.

Kronik, Geoff. The last hunter gatherer : a collection of short stories / by
Geoff Kronik.
Spec. Coll. M.F.A.

Levinson-LaBrose, Alana Marie. At rest in motion : a collection of poems / by
Alana Marie Levinson-LaBrose.
Spec. Coll. M.F.A.

Little, Margaree. Rest : a collection of poems / by Margaree Little.
Spec. Coll. M.F.A.

Lund, Rebecca. Crossing : a collection of poems / by Rebecca Lund.
Spec. Coll. M.F.A.

Luzitano, Matthew Jude. The extra key : a collection of poems / by Matthew Jude
Spec. Coll. M.F.A.

Mann, Sylvia. The girl from Pokrovskoye, the boy from Verkhoturye : selections
from a novel, first 83 pages / by Sylvia Mann.
Spec. Coll. M.F.A.

McCulloch-Lovell, Ellen. Something watching : a collection of poems / by Ellen
Spec. Coll. M.F.A.

Myers, Lenore M. The tissue of falling columns no. 12 (poems) ; abrupt shifts in
three long poems that include the kitchen sink : Pound, Bishop, Bidart (degree
essay) ; comprehensive bibliography / by Lenore M. Myers.
Spec. Coll. M.F.A.

Piller, Erick. My Boheme : a collection of poems / by Erick Piller.
Spec. Coll. M.F.A.

Regan, James. What I got : a collection of short stories / by James Regan.
Spec. Coll. M.F.A.

Roberts, Melissa. Absent body : poems / by Melissa Roberts.
Spec. Coll. M.F.A.

Runde, Katie. Sun & shade : selections from a novel / by Katie Runde.
Spec. Coll. M.F.A.

Sanchez, Daniel. Disaster mentality : a collection of linked stories / by Daniel
Spec. Coll. M.F.A.

Siddiqi, Yumna. The girl with kaleidoscope eyes : selections from a novel / by
Yumna Siddiqi.
Spec. Coll. M.F.A.

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