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New Titles Added in July & August

Here are recent additions to the collection:

Philosophy and Psychology

Lehrer, Jonah.
Imagine : how creativity works / Jonah Lehrer.
153.35 L524i. 

Ariely, Dan, author.
The (honest) truth about dishonesty : how we lie to everyone---especially 
ourselves / Dan Ariely.
177.3 A698h. 


Queer religion / Donald L. Boisvert and Jay Emerson Johnson, editors.
200.8664 Q3. 

Dempsey, Corinne G.
Bringing the sacred down to earth : adventures in comparative religion / Corinne
G. Dempsey.
201.5 D389b. 

Kaminsky, Joel S., 1960-
The Torah : a beginner's guide / Joel S. Kaminsky and Joel N. Lohr.
222.1061 K15t. 

Greenwood, Andrea, 1961-
An introduction to the Unitarian and Universalist traditions / Andrea Greenwood,
Mark W. Harris.
230.9132 G816i. 

Douthat, Ross Gregory, 1979-
Bad religion : how we became a nation of heretics / Ross Douthat.
277.3083 D741. 
Buddhism in Chinese society : an economic history from the fifth to the tenth 
centuries / Jacques Gernet ; translated by Franciscus Verellen.
294.30951 G376. 

Dharma rain : sources of Buddhist environmentalism / edited by Stephanie Kaza 
and Kenneth Kraft.
294.3378362 D5334. 

Dzogchen : heart essence of the great perfection / His Holiness the Dalai Lama ;
translated by Geshe Thupten Jinpa ; edited by Patrick Gaffney.
294.342 B916d. 

Aitken, Robert, 1917-2010.
The gateless barrier : the Wu-men kuan (Mumonkan) / translated and with a 
commentary by Robert Aitken ; illustrations by Sengai.
294.3443 H899wYa. 

Analayo, 1962-
Satipatthana : the direct path to realization / An{229}alayo.
294.34435 A532s. 

Mahamudra, the moonlight quintessence of mind and meditation / Dakpo Tashi namgyal ; translated and annotated by Lobsang P. Lhalungpa.
294.34435 N174m. 

Shankman, Richard.
The experience of samadhi : an in-depth exploration of Buddhist meditation 
/ Richard Shankman.
294.34435 S528e. 

The great treatise on the stages of the path to enlightenment / by Tsong-kha-pa; translated by the Lamrim Chenmo translation committee.
294.3444 T882. 

Contemporary Buddhist ethics / edited by Damien Keown.
294.35 C761. 

Cooper, David E. (David Edward), 1942-
Buddhism, virtue and environment / David E. Cooper, Simon P. James.
294.35691 C776b. 

The long discourses of the Buddha : a translation of the Digha Nikaya 
/ translated from the Pali by Maurice Walshe.
294.3823 L848. 

Harding, Sarah, 1951-
Niguma, lady of illusion / Sarah Harding.
294.385 H263. 

Shingon : Japanese esoteric Buddhism / Taiko Yamasaki ; translated and adapted by Richard and Cynthia Peterson ; edited by Yasuyoshi Morimoto and David
Kidd ; [foreword by Carmen Blacker].
294.392 Y19s. 

Transforming the mind : teachings on generating compassion / His Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama ; translated by Geshe Thupten Jinpa ; edited by Dominique Side 
and Geshe Thupten Jinpa.
294.3923 B916t. 
The life of Milarepa / Tsangnyon Heruka ; translated by Andrew Quintman ; 
introduction by Donald S. Lopez Jr.
294.3923092 M637h. 

Zhang, Shengyan.
Hoofprint of the ox : principles of the Chan Buddhist path as taught by a modern Chinese Master / Master Sheng-Yen with Dan Stevenson.
294.3927 S546h. 

Yoga in practice / edited by David Gordon White.
294.5436 Y54. 

Batnitzky, Leora Faye, 1966-
How Judaism became a religion : an introduction to modern Jewish thought / Leora Batnitzky.
296.09 B333h. 

Ahmed, Leila.
A quiet revolution : the veil's resurgence, from the Middle East to America / 
Leila Ahmed.
297.576 A286q. 

Schattschneider, Ellen.
Immortal wishes : labor and transcendence on a Japanese sacred mountain / Ellen Schattschneider.
299.561 S312i. 

Social Sciences

Beckett, Charlie.
Wikileaks : news in the networked era / Charlie Beckett with James Ball.
302.23 B396w. 

Lareau, Annette.
Unequal childhoods : class, race, and family life / Annette Lareau.
305.2308996 L321u. 

Coming of age in America : the transition to adulthood in the twenty-first century / edited by Mary C. Waters ... [et al.].
305.2350973 C733. 

Hamer, Jennifer.
Abandoned in the heartland : work, family, and living in East St. Louis / 
Jennifer F. Hamer.
305.5620977 H214a. 

Kolker, Claudia.
The immigrant advantage : what we can learn from newcomers to America about health, happiness, and hope / Claudia Kolker.
305.906912 K81i. 

Families : traditional and new structures / edited by Paul McCaffrey.
306.850973 F198. 

Hadiz, Vedi R., 1964-
Localising power in post-authoritarian Indonesia : a Southeast Asia perspective 
/ Vedi R. Hadiz.
320.8 H129L. 

Pegram, Thomas R., 1955-
One hundred percent American : the rebirth and decline of the Ku Klux Klan in the 1920s / Thomas R. Pegram.
322.420973 P376o. 

State of the world 2012 : moving toward sustainable prosperity : a Worldwatch Institute report on progress toward a sustainable society / Erik Assadourian and
Michael Renner, project directors ; Linda Starke, editor.
330.9 S797 2012. 

Ribble, Rufus.
West Virginia coalfield photography 1900-2005 : panoramic photography / by Rufus "Red" Ribble, George A. Bragg, and Morgan G. Bragg ; written by Melody Bragg.
331.7622 R483w. 

Grossman, Mark.
U.S. land and natural resources policy : a public issues handbook / Mark Grossman and Gary C. Bryner.
333.10973 U58. 

Newfont, Kathryn.
Blue Ridge commons : environmental activism and forest history in western North Carolina / Kathryn Newfont.
333.75160975 N547b. 

Gabriel, Mary, 1955-
Love and capital : Karl and Jennie Marx and the birth of a revolution / Mary Gabriel.
335.4092 M392Yg. 

Domestic tourism in Asia : diversity and divergence / edited by Shalini Singh.
338.47915 D668. 

Scott, Shirley V.
International law in world politics : an introduction / Shirley V. Scott.
341 S429i. 

Exploring international human rights : essential readings / edited by Rhonda L. Callaway, Julie Harrelson-Stephens.
341.48 E96. 

The Guantanamo effect : exposing the consequences of U.S. detention and interrogation practices / Laurel E. Fletcher +  Eric Stover ; Stephen Paul Smith
.. [et al.] ; foreword by Patricia M.  Wald.
355.71 F613g. 

Bourgois, Philippe I., 1956-
In search of respect : selling crack in El Barrio / Philippe Bourgois.
363.45097471 B773i 2003. 

McMillan, Tracie.
The American way of eating : undercover at Walmart, Applebee's, farm fields, and
the dinner table / Tracie McMillan.
394.120973 M167a. 


Thurman, Susan (Susan Sommers). 
The only grammar book you'll ever need : a one-stop source for every writing assignment / Susan Thurman ; edited by Larry Shea.
428.2 T539o. 

Cushman, Ellen, 1967-
The Cherokee syllabary : writing the people's perseverance / Ellen Cushman.
497.557 C986c. 

Mathematics and Natural Sciences 

Williams, Terry Tempest.
When women were birds : fifty-four variations on voice / Terry Tempest Williams.
508.0922 W727w. 

Kirby, David, 1960-
Death at SeaWorld : Shamu and the dark side of killer whales in captivity / 
David Kirby.
599.536 K58d. 

Technology and Applied Sciences

Berger, Lauren.
All work, no pay : finding an internship, building your resume, making connections, and gaining job experience / Lauren Berger.
650.14 B496.

The Arts

Dupler, Steven.
Legends of jazz with Ramsey Lewis. Season one / [photography, Bill Richert ; 
text, Steven Dupler].
781.65 L511. 

Rowell, Galen A.
In the throne room of the mountain gods / by Galen Rowell.
796.522 R881i. 

Shapton, Leanne.
Swimming studies / Leanne Shapton.
797.21092 S529s. 

Literature and Rhetoric 

Clark, Roy Peter.
Writing tools : 50 essential strategies for every writer / Roy Peter Clark.
808.042 C594w. 

Fogarty, Mignon.
Grammar Girl's quick and dirty tips for better writing / Mignon Fogarty.
808.042 F655g. 

Hale, Constance.
Sin and syntax : how to craft wickedly effective prose / Constance Hale ; 
foreword by Karen Elizabeth Gordon.
808.042 H161s. 

Casagrande, June.
It was the best of sentences, it was the worst of sentences : a writer's guide to crafting killer sentences / June Casagrande.
808.042076 C334i. 

Generations : poems between fathers, mothers, daughters, sons / edited by 
Melanie Hart and James Loader.
808.819355 G326. 

Malone, Jacquelyn.
All waters run to Lethe : poems / by Jacquelyn Malone.
811.6 M257a. 

Kitchen, Judith.
Half in shade : family, photography, and fate / Judith Kitchen.
813.54 K62h. 

Yuknavitch, Lidia.
The chronology of water : a memoir / Lidia Yuknavitch ; introduction by Chelsea Cain.
813.54 Y94c. 

Fletcher, Harrison Candelaria, 1962-
Descanso for my father : fragments of a life / Harrison Candelaria Fletcher.
814.6 F593d. 

Wade, Julie Marie.
Small fires : essays / Julie Marie Wade.
814.6 W119s. 

Alvarez, Julia.
A wedding in Haiti : the story of a friendship / Julia Alvarez.
818.5403 A473w. 

Geography and History

Kline, Naomi Reed.
Maps of medieval thought : the Hereford paradigm / Naomi Reed Kline.
912.094 K65m. 

Telford, John, 1944-
Coyote's canyon / photographs by John Telford ; stories by Terry Tempest 
917.92 T271c. 

Strayed, Cheryl, 1968-
Wild : from lost to found on the Pacific Crest Trail / Cheryl Strayed.
917.95 S913w. 

Stevenson, D. (David), 1954-
With our backs to the wall : victory and defeat in 1918 / David Stevenson.
940.434 S847w. 

Reid, Anna.
Leningrad : the epic siege of World War II, 1941-1944 / Anna Reid.
940.5421721 R353L. 

Finkel, Andrew, 1953-
Turkey : what everyone needs to know / Andrew Finkel.
956.1 F499t. 

O'Dowd, John.
The amazing story of the Kony 2012 phenomenon / [by John O'Dowd].
967.6104 O26a. 

Hunter, Doug, 1959-
The race to the New World / Douglas Hunter.
970.015 C726h. 

Yates, Donald N., 1950-
Old world roots of the Cherokee : how DNA, ancient alphabets and religion explain the origins of America's largest Indian nation / Donald N. Yates ; 
foreword by Richard Mack Bettis.
973.0049755 Y31o. 

Thomas, William G., 1964-
The iron way : railroads, the Civil War, and the making of modern America / 
William G. Thomas.
973.71 T463i. 

Millard, Candice.
Destiny of the republic : a tale of madness, medicine and the murder of a president / Candice Millard.
973.84092 M845d. 

The insecure American : how we got here and what we should do about it / edited by Hugh Gusterson and Catherine Besteman ; foreword by Barbara Ehrenreich.
973.93 I59. 

Contemporary lithic analysis in the Southeast : problems, solutions, and interpretations / edited by Philip J. Carr, Andrew P. Bradbury, and Sarah E. 
975.01 C761. 

Muir, John, 1838-1914.
The Yosemite : the original John Muir text / illustrated with photographs by Galen Rowell ; each photograph accompanied by an excerpt from the works of John 
Muir and an annotation by Galen Rowell ; introduction by the photographer.
979.447 M953y. 


Death [videorecording] : a love story / a Harken Production, a film by Michelle LeBrun ; produced/directed/written by Michell LeBrun.
A/V DVD 155.937 D285. 

How to start a revolution [videorecording] / a Big Indy production in association with Lion Television ; a film by Ruaridh Arrow ; directed [and 
written] by Ruaridh Arrow ; produced by Richard Shaw.
A/V DVD 303.61 H847. 

Farmingville [videorecording] / a film by Carlos Sandoval and Catherine Tambini ; directed by Catherine Tambini and Carlos Sandoval ; produced by Carlos 
Sandoval and Catherine Tambini ; written by Carlos Sandoval ; produced by Camino
Bluff Productions, Inc.
A/V DVD 305.868073 F234. 

The other side of immigration [videorecording] / a film by Roy Germano ; written
and directed by Roy Germano ; produced by Roy Germano.
A/V DVD 331.6272073 O87. 

Better this world [videorecording] / Loteria Films presents ; in associaton with Picturebox ; in association with Motto Pictures and Passion Pictures ; a film by
Katie Galloway and Kelly Duane de la Vega ; the Independent Television Service 
(ITVS) ; directed by Katie Galloway and Kelly Duane de la Vega ; produced by 
Katie Galloway, Kelly Duane de la Vega, and Mike Nicholson ; co-producer, David 
A/V DVD 363.325 B565. 

If a tree falls [videorecording] : a story of the Earth Liberation Front / A film by Marshall Curry ; a co-production of Marshall Curry Productions, LLC and 
the Independent Television Service (ITVS), with funding provided by the 
Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) ; in association with Lucky Hat 
Entertainment, American Documentary (POV), and the BBC ; directed and produced 
by Marshall Curry ; co-directed and produced by Sam Cullman ; written and edited
by Matthew Hamachek, Marshall Curry.
A/V DVD 363.70525 I23. 

Wal*Mart [videorecording] : the high cost of low price / Brave New Films ; 
produced and directed by Robert Greenwald ; produced by Jim Gilliam, Devin 
A/V DVD 381.149 W216. 

Being caribou [videorecording] / National Film Board of Canada ; directed and 
written by Leanne Allison & Diana Wilson ; Tracey Friesen, producer.
A/V DVD 599.658 B422. 

Guseinova, Aida Neimat gyzy.
Music and culture of Azerbaijan [videorecording] / Aida Huseynova, Mary Goetze &
Jay Fern.
A/V DVD 780.94754 M987. 

Mailybekova, Munara.
Music and culture of Kyrgyzstan [videorecording] : DVD and resource guide / 
Munara Mailybekova and Aida Huseynova.
A/V DVD 780.95843 M987. 

The Mountain Music Project [videorecording] : a musical odyssey from Appalachia 
to Himalaya / produced and directed by Jacob Penchansky ; written by Tara 
Linhardt, Danny Knicely, Jacob Penchansky.
A/V DVD 781.62 M928. 

Legends of jazz with Ramsey Lewis. Season one [videorecording].
A/V DVD 781.65 L511. 

The hunger games [videorecording (DVD)] / directed by Gary Ross ; screenplay by Gary Ross and Suzanne Collins and Billy Ray ; produced by Nina Jacobson, Jon 
Kilik ; a Lionsgate presentation ; a Color Force/Lionsgate production ; a Gary 
Ross film.
A/V DVD F H936. 

Des hommes et des dieux [videorecording] = Of gods and men / [written and directed by Xavier Beauvois] ; Why Not Productions, Armada Films, France 3 
A/V DVD French F H768b. 

Legends of jazz with Ramsey Lewis. Season one [sound recording].
Circ. Desk AUDIO CD L511. 

Circ. Desk AUDIO CD R382. 


Capur, Aneesha.
Stealing karma / Aneesha Capur.
F C255s. 

Kafka, Franz, 1883-1924.
Prozess. English. 
The trial / Franz Kafka ; translated by Mike Mitchell ; with an introduction and
notes by Ritchie Robertson.
F K11t. 

Winterson, Jeanette, 1959-
Why be happy when you could be normal? / Jeanette Winterson.
F W7885Yw. 

LaMotte, David.
White flour / written by David LaMotte ; illustrated by Jenn Hales.
JF L235w. 

Montgomery, L. M. (Lucy Maud), 1874-1942.
Anne of Green Gables / L. M. Montgomery.
JF M787a. 

Leisure Reading

Brooks, Terry. 
The Sword of Shannara. 


The Europa world year book.
R 314 E89 2012. 

Peterson's 4 year colleges / Peterson's Thomson learning.
R 378.73 P485. 

The encyclopedia of country music : the ultimate guide to the music / compiled by the staff of the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum ; edited by Paul Kingsbury, Michael McCall, and John W. Rumble ; with the assistance of Michael 
Gray and Jay Orr.
R 781.64203 E56 2012. 

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